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Manikaran Sahib

The Manikaran Gurudwara or Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurudwara is commemorated to the visit of Guru Nanak Dev to this place. It is mentioned in the Janam Sakhi or the 'Twarikh Guru Khalsa' by Giani Gian Singh. It has been mentioned that accompanied by his disciple Bhai Mardana, the Guru reached Jwalamukhi temple after visiting Kalanaur, Gurdaspur, Dasuya, Triloknath, Palampur and Kangra. The Guru then proceeded towards Mandi and after visiting Chamba and Kulu, he came to Bijli Mahadev. After preaching at all these places Guru Nanak Dev came to Mani Karan. The Janam Sakhi or the "Autobiography of Bhai Mardana" mentions the miracles did by the Guru. The Guru came to Mani Karan along with his Five 'Piaras' or followers.

The Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurudwara provides some extraordinary sights. One can enjoy a dip in the hot waters from the springs. There are altogether three baths, one is located under the Gurudwara itself. By taking bath here and by drinking water of this place, people go to Heaven, this is said of the Manikaran tract since the times immemorial. It is understood that the Manikaran hot spring is said to have got Uranium and other radio active minerals.

Distances between Manikaran and important places:
Manikaran is 35 Kms from Bhuntar,
45 Kms from Kullu,
85 Kms from Manali,
300 Kms from Chandigarh
and 545 Kms from New Delhi.

People traveling from Delhi and Chandigarh have to pass through Bhuntar which is 510kms on National Highway 21 (NH 21). After crossing the town, there is a bridge constructed in the confluence of rivers Beas (from Manali side) and Parvati (from Manikaran side). Before crossing the bridge, take the right side straight road to reach Manikaran. This place of Bhunter is the starting point of Parvati valley which ends at Soma pass. On the way one will find a place called Jari (20kms from Bhuntar), a beautiful restaurant, a small town called Kasol (30Kms from Bhuntar) and then Manikaran. The journey is through, dense forest, steep valleys beside the river Parbati.
Most of the people prefer traveling by bus from Delhi towards Bhuntar because of the valley view which can be seen for the last 3 to 4 hours before reaching Bhuntar.

Linked by air to Chandigarh and Delhi. The airport at Bhuntar is 10-km from the town. 


Nearest railheads are Pathankot, 285-km and more conveniently Chandigarh, 258-km. 


Well connected by road. Regular bus and coach services link Kullu to Delhi and Chandigarh

Hemkund Sahib

Set amidst towering snow-capped mountains and lying beside a lake of pristine blue water, the Sikh shrine of Sri Hemkund Sahib looks, even to the not-particularly-pious, a place of almost unbelievable beauty and peace. Seven peaks - known as the Sapt Sring- surround the shrine, looming over lush green pastures. The lake’s rocky shores are covered with snow through most of the year, but when the snows melt, the almost mythical yellow-green flower known as the Brahma Kamal, the `Lotus of the Gods’, blooms amidst the rocks. It’s a place of a rather wild and untamed beauty- and one of Sikhism’s most important shrines.

The tenth and penultimate guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh ji, meditated for years in these mountains, finally leaving his earthly form and uniting with the Almighty. The star-shaped Gurudwara Sri Hemkunt Sahib, at a height of over 4,000 mt, is as such, a memorial to Guru Gobind Singh ji and a reminder of the saint’s mission.

Sri Hemkunt Sahib is accessible only in the summer, between June and October. The rest of the year, heavy snows make passage impossible, and usually block off the trail leading up to the shrine.

Hemkund Sahib Yatra starts on June 1 every year, and ends on October 5

Some Important Informations about

Pin Code 249401
Province Uttaranchal
S.T.D. Code 01372
Post Office Gobind Ghat
Situation 30°41'55.32"N 79°37'08.40"E
Temperature (Max.) 7-10° (Min.) 1.5-2° Cel.
Nearby Airport Jowligrant 307 k.m. (Dehradun)
Nearby Railway Station Rishikesh 293 k.m.
Nearby Patrol Pump Joshi Math 15-20 k.m.
Nearby ATM State Bank of India
Badrinath (App. 18-20 k.m.)

Distance between Hemkund Sahib to other Important Cities

From Gobind Dham
6 k.m. (afoot)
From Gobind Ghat 19 k.m. (afoot)
From Rishikesh 294 k.m.
From Haridwar 319 k.m.
From Amritsar 730 k.m.
From Delhi 639 k.m.
From Patna Sahib 1319 k.m.
From Mumbai 2023 k.m.

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Hazur Sahib, Nanded, India

Hazur Sahib

By Road

Nanded is 650 km east of Mumbai by road. It is about 4-5 hours drive from Aurangabad and 11 hours from Pune. Nanded Its about approximate 250 km from Hyderabad. Several passenger bus services operate out of Nanded providing easy overnight connectivity with all most every major city in Maharashtra. These buses are reasonably priced fairly punctual. The comfort level differs greatly from operator to operator. More over buses from state transport corporation are also available from the all major cities from Maharastra and Hyderabad.

By Rail

Sachkhand express is a special super fast train being stared from Amritsar to direct Nanded other wise many other trains are also linked with the railway network for the Nanded. Currently Nanded railway line is connected to Mumbai via Manmad and Hyderabad via Secunderabad The detail of train timing are given below. As the part of its constant endeavour to facilitate the smooth pilgrimage to the Takhat Sahib, the Management Board has facilitated the setting up of a computerized railway reservation counter.

The Gurudwara management board has provided the required infrastructure to the railway authorities for housing the railway reservation counter at the Gurudwara complex for online reservation facility. Very soon railway reservation will be done at Gurudwara complex itself.

More Detail

Railway Time Table

No. Name and Number of the Train Departure From Time Arrival Place Arrival Time
1 Sachkhand Express No.2716 Amritsar Morning 5:30 Nanded Next Day Evening 3:40
2 Sachkhand Express No.2715 Nanded Morning 9:30 Amritsar Next Day Evening 9:30
3 Punjab Mail No.2138 Firozpur cant Night 9:40 Manmad Next Day Morning 2:30
4 Punjab Mail No. 2137 Manmad Night 11:35 Firozpur cent Next Day Morning 6:10
5 Goa Express No.2780 Nijamudin, Delhi Evening 3:00 Manmad Next Day Morning 10:40
6 Goa Express No.2779 Manmad Morning 10:00 Nijamudin, Delhi Next Day Morning 6:00
7 Jehlam Express No.1078 New Delhi Morning 11:00 Manmad Next Day Morning 8:25
8 Jehlam Express No.1077 Manmad Night 11:50 New Delhi Next Day Night 11:50

Trains Passing From Manmaad

No. Name and Number of the Train Departure From Time Arrival Place Arrival Time
1 Devgiri Express No.1003 Manmad Night 2:30 Nanded Morning 8:30
2 Devgiri Express No.1004 Nanded Evening 07:05 Manmad Night 2:05
3 Tapovan Express No.7617 Manmad Morning 11:50 Nanded Evening 6:05
4 Tapovan Express No.7618 Nanded Morning 10:15 Manmad Noon

By Air

To reach Nanded by Air,we have Kingfisher Airlines service from Mumbai to Nanded every Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 10:25 hrs. Visit -
Nearest International airport to Nanded is Hyderabad about 250 KM and Aurangabad airport is 275 km from Nanded. Overnight bus service (deluxe coach) are available from Aurangabad to Nanded and Hyderabad to Nanded.

Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar, Punjab

Amritsar is located in Punjab. Countless tourists visit this small district either on Pilgrimage or on a leisure tour. Amritsar is connected to all major cities of India by a fine network of railways, roadways and airways.

If you want to reach Amritsar from places other than Delhi, then you have to change your bus at a midway destination and then board again in the corresponding bus, train or airplane.

By Road

New Delhi to Amritsar
Approximate distance 466 km | Drive time about: 9.32 hrs

Chandigarh to Amritsar
Approximate distance 234 km | Drive time about: 4.68 hrs

Jalandhar to Amritsar
Approximate distance 93 km | Drive time about: 1.86 hrs 

Reaching Amritsar by Bus

Amritsar may also be reached by road. The Golden City is well connected to all the major cities of northern India. One may take a bus or hire a car to reach Amritsar by road. Grand Trunk Road connects Delhi to Amritsar. Regular buses are available from I.S.B.T. Delhi to Amritsar.

You can drive into Amritsar from the neighbouring states. Bus services connect the city to most north Indian towns, including Chandigarh (235 km), New Delhi (450 km), Shimla (322km) and Jammu (219km). There is also a bus service to Lahore (35 km away), which is the only overland connection between India and Pakistan.

By Rail

Amritsar is connected by direct trains to major Indian cities like Delhi, Jammu, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata and Puri. The bi-weekly train to Lahore in Pakistan, the Samjhauta Express, also rolls out from here.



Daily Morning Shatabdi Express 0515hrs 1100hrs

Daily Evening Shatabdi Express 1705hrs 2250hrs

Daily Golden Temple Mail 2130hrs 0700hrs (next day)


Daily Morning Shatabdi Express 0720hrs 1300hrs

Daily Evening Shatabdi Express 1630hrs 2205hrs

Daily Golden Temple Mail 1920hrs 0600hrs (next day)

Reaching Amritsar by Air

The Raja Sansi airport, about 11 km from town, is connected by domestic flights to Delhi, Srinagar and Chandigarh. You can get to town by a pre-booked rented car, taxis or auto-rickshaws.

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